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Corporate Psychological Support Program

Training certification workshop with methodological support «Interaction features among the company employees in a crisis period. Psychological support at the workplace»

Certificate of «Advanced training of Human Resource Manager» is issued while passing of all program modules and participation in at least five supervisory groups.

Module 1: «Neurobiology of trauma and stress disorder symptoms. Psychological First Aid at the workplace» - 8 hours

  • Acute stress disorder, trauma, PTSD: differences and peculiarities
  • How looks and feels a traumatized person
  • Peculiarities of organism functioning during stress and trauma
  • Psychological First Aid at the workplace
  • Prevention overvoltage on misunderstandings in communication with an employee that is in the crisis condition

Module 2: «Features of office interactions with displaced persons. Building of adaptation program» - 4 hours

  • What is the most hurting during the relocation?
  • Basic messages from guidance and colleagues to internally displaced persons
  • Adaptation mechanisms and rules for the application them  when interacting with displaced persons

Module 3: «ATO: interaction with the military who returned to the workplace» - 4 hours

  • What a «combat stress» is: features of flow and manifestations map
  • Expectation of the soldier returning from the war and the possibility of realization of these expectations in the office
  • Expectations of employees from the cooperation with fellow soldier: adequate perception of the world and ways of mutual understanding
  • Communicating features with demobilized member of ATO

Module 4: «ATO: military families - the practice of psychological support» - 4 hours

  • Ways and methods of support family members of the missing and the dead persons Communication features and interaction with family members of mobilized persons
  • Features of group and individual work with «critical group» employees: possibilities and limitations of internal corporate format

Module 5: «Company volunteerism and corporate culture: contradictions, interaction, decisions» - 4 hours

  • Balance of personal life and work: diagnosis and prevention of emotional burnout
  • Consciously or unconsciously volunteering: features of flow
  • Volunteer roles activity of employees and interaction features between active volunteers and other staff of the office. Consensus building tools.

Supervisory group. The group aim: to ensure the possibility of the professional discussion of difficult cases of the interaction between the HR manager and «Crisis Group» employees (internal immigrants, ATO soldiers, family members of the missing and dead persons, etc.). Theory - features of communication with representatives of the «crisis group» (10% of the time), practice – working with the group members incidents (90% of the time)

Duration of the program: theory - 22 hours, supervision - 30 hours

Target audience: companies employees of HR and Training Centers

Project objectives:

  • Provide quality information on stress disorder and trauma
  • Familiarize participants with stress and trauma specific tools in the psychologist work and tools differentiation on psychotherapeutic and «home-office»
  • Familiarize participants with the basic features of interaction with people belonging to the «crisis group»

Provide methodological support to participants focused on the preparation of its own training project on the seminar subject.

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